Today in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, Kuhu-Kunal compete in the dandiya competition and win. Later, Kunal waits for his lawyer to get the divorce papers.

In today’s episode, Abir arrives at the Maheshwari’s house and looks around for Mishti as the family has left to meet Ananya’s in-laws. He sees Mishti dressing up and romantically helps her. They spend some time together before leaving. Nidhi gets worried about the dandiya competition so Kuhu and Kunal assure her that they will definitely win this time. Parul informs everyone that Abir has gone to get Mishti. As Mehul joins them everyone leaves. Meenakshi gets a call and is unable to hear the person. Abir and Mishti arrive and Mishti thinks that Abir is scared of facing his family. As she walks forward, she collides into the man that tried to blacken Mehul’s face. Her jewellery falls and she hands it over to Abir and challenges him to make her wear it in front of his family if he truly is brave. Abir hesitates and she tells him that he’s only brave in front of her and he’s a coward when it comes to his family. 


Mehul meets Abir as Mishti leaves and he asks what he should do when a girl challenges him. Mehul suggests him to give the girl a challenge too. Abir hugs him for listening to him as a father but advising him like a friend. Later, Kunal calls up the lawyer who informs him that he’ll be there in an hour. The dandiya competition begins and the announcer announces that the winner would get a special prize. Mishti-Abir and Kunal-Kuhu put up a good fight as they dance impeccably for the competition. At a point Mishti plays dandiya with Mehul and Abir stands afar feeling grateful for both the people who taught him unconditional love being there in his life. After that dance ended, Mishti sees Kuhu and Kunal hugging wonders why Varsha was crying because everything seems fine between them. 


Later, the village man calls Meenakshi again and threatens her to not hang up. He tells her that she hasn’t paid them yet and they also had to physically fight with her sons unnecessarily. Meenakshi tells him that she is with her family right now so she cannot talk to him. Kuhu searches for Kunal as the winner of the competition is going to be announced. The announcer declares Kunal and Kuhu the winners of today’s competition. Kuhu goes up with Nidhi to collect the trophy and the announcer tells them that they have also won a free stay at a hotel in Australia. Meanwhile, Kunal waits outside for the lawyer. The announcer announces that the next song has been requested by Mr. Ajeeb Rajvansh who wants his Angry Chorni to join him for the dance. 


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