In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show we see how Udit Narayan and family has a great time sharing family secrets with the viewers.

The episode starts with Kapil Sharma coming on stage and tells Archana that the guest for tonight is the versatile singer of the Bollywood playback industry Udit Narayan. Udit Narayan makes a sensational entry with an amazing performance. The crowd roars with applause. Udit says that Kapil Sharma is doing a fabulous job. Udit says that he’s a farmer’s son and because of god’s grace he is where he is now. Kapil says they he’s done playback singing for most of the actors in the 90s. Kapil calls Archana on the stage to perform along with Udit Narayan. In a while Udit’s wife Deepa, comes on stage. Kapil next calls on stage Aditya Narayan.

Kapil asks Aditya to talk about his new album. Aditya says that the song is a tribute to 90s music. Udit shares his secret of looking and staying young. He says that one has to have a giving nature and the almighty will be pleased with you. Deepa shares how they met and fell in love. Kapil insists Udit and Deepa to put up an act for the audience depicting their love story. Kapil has a very interesting conversation with the Narayan family. Sumona Chakravarty comes on stage. Kapil calls on stage a few ladies from the audience to perform and impress Deepa. Most of the participants sing and Udit sings along with them. Udit shares that he had won Rs 5 in a competition when he was a child.

Udit Narayan shares that their real last name is Jha. Aditya mimicks Udit Narayan as requested by Kapil. Sapna comes on stage. The Narayan family loves the humour and so does the audience. Sapna leaves the stage with a smile on everyone’s face. Deepa sings and everyone is pleasantly surprised. Aditya and Udit also join her. The entire erupts and applauds Deepa for the performance. The episode ends with a selfie and Kapil wishes Aditya good luck for the Indian Idol anchoring.


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