Sonakshi Sinha is thinking of the summer sun as she sips her cold coffee & we couldn’t relate more!

Sonakshi Sinha is back in the limelight as the actress is all set to reprise her character Rajjo in the third installment of the Dabangg franchise. Sonakshi made her B-Town debut with Dabangg starring alongside Salman Khan. Being a constant in the series, Sonakshi plays a pivotal role in the third part as well. Sonakshi is an avid social media user and she loves sharing her photographs with her fans.

Amidst of the promotions, Sonakshi has recently taken out some time to update her fans with her new picture. The actress took to her Instagram handle and shared a new post today where she is seen missing the summer sun while she sips cold coffee and that is all of us right now. The gloomy winter season is at the bay but Sonakshi’s picture is brightening up our day as the actress reflects freshness and joy. Check out the post:

“Thinking of hot summers and cold coffee”, she writes in her caption. Sonakshi is seen all decked up as she sits at a table to relish her glass of cold coffee. wearing a camouflage tank top with black jeans and shiny black boots, Sonakshi is seen welcoming winter with style.

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