Shocking! Thalapathy Vijays Verithanam song from Bigil leaked?

Thalapathy Vijay’s fans are in shock as the “Verithanam” song from the upcoming movie ‘Bigil’  has allegedly been leaked on the internet and everyone are at a loss as to how this could happen.  It is said on social media that the song tuned by A.R. Rahman has been sung by Thalapathy Vijay himself which has angered his fans more and they are demanding immediate action.

The most intriguing thing is that a few weeks back the “Singa Penney” song from ‘Bigil’ was also leaked before an official release and it is truly condemnable that the hard work of the entire crew is insulted by this kind of irresponsible action by a unknown few.

‘Bigil’ directed by Atlee and produced by AGS Entertainment is based on women’s football with Vijay playing dual roles as a don and a football coach.  Nayanthara, Jackie Shroff, Kathir, Indhuja and Yogi Babu are also playing pivotal roles in this Diwali 2019 release.


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