Actor Shahid Kapoor, who just had the biggest hit of his career in Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s Kabir Singh, has finally opened up about the criticism that the film has attracted. In a recent interview, Shahid has said the film was about a character that the makers wanted the audience to hate.

Speaking to BollywoodHungama, Shahid said, “There is only one problem with Kabir Singh – his anger management. Whether it is his love, his dog, the bai….whenever he loses his temper he messes up. In the first scene itself in the film, the dad says your brother is zero.” Kabir Singh is an official remake of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy and starred Kiara Advani.

“If Kabir hadn’t slapped Preeti (Kiara’s character), would everything else that he did be okay? Because he slapped the girl, you feel that is unacceptable and that Kabir Singh is an unacceptable character. We want you to feel this is unacceptable, his behaviour has gone beyond control,” he added.

The 38-year-old actor also explained the concept of hero and villain does not apply on the movie: “Kabir Singh is the guy who the film is about and he is the guy who’s the problem” – the “protagonist” and “antagonist” of the movie,” he added.

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He also took upon the allegations of misogyny associated with the film: “This word, misogyny was often used for the film. Misogyny, I think, means prejudice towards women, But Kabir Singh had a problem with everyone. He had a problem with his father, his brother, he abuses everyone. He has a problem with his friends, his principal…just everyone. How does he have a problem towards women? I felt he was behaving badly with everyone.”

Much like Sandeep, Shahid picked the example of Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Sanju and said, “I thought why are people being so aggressive. I saw the picture Sanju, I loved the film. He tells a random interviewer that he slept with 310 girls and do not remember the rest. Actors have to be brave to choose character, to be loved for the stardom and hated for the character.”

“You can walk out saying you hated the guy I would be happy. I don’t have a problem with people saying I don’t like the film. But people started saying if you like this film, you are not a good person. How can you say that? It (the film) got attacked by certain people and was loved by junta on the other hand.”

Asked if the controversy around Kabir Singh will make him conscious before deciding on future films, Shahid was quick to respond, “Not at all. If I had any doubts, I am liberated. An actor has a relationship with the audience, that’s it. Honestly.”

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First Published:
Jul 24, 2019 09:06 IST


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