The women appeared to be completely consenting to the actions. While many fans said the group is “just having fun”, some social media users took offence to the pose and used the reference of the #MeToo movement to question the intentions.

“In times of gender balance and women’s rights and respect, we still see pics like this… we are not moving forward with such mentalities,’ one user wrote.

“Like queens like objects? The dissolution of patriarchal gender relations can’t come soon enough,” another follower posted.

Some fans stood up for Hyland and her beau.

“Do you even know what the Metoo campaign was about, these women are consenting to this photo. Know the difference,” one follower wrote.

Hyland was caught in a similar row following the Golden Globes in 2018.

In a video series for InStyle’s Instagram account, celebrities took their turn exiting an elevator before heading into the party.

Hyland acted inebriated as she carried a bottle and stumbled up against an elevator bellhop. At the end of the clip, Hyland fell back into his arms as the elevator doors closed. This led some people to question her actions amid the Time’s Up movement.

She had to clarify her actions with a Twitter post, saying “‘#JohntheBellHop is a very nice old man. FYI. completely sober.


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