PUBG Mobile will receive a new update on November 9. The upcoming 0.15.5 update is rumored to introduce new weapons, outfits, and Royale Pass. PUBG Mobile has announced on Twitter that Season 10, named ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ will begin on November 8. The next season is expected to bring Mad Max-themed items and rewards.

Fury of the Wasteland Royale Pass could introduce a new parachute skin and an M249 skin as rewards. The new season could also bring desert-themed outfits and weapon skins for M416 and pan. Some of the leaked outfits include the Irradiated Frog Set, Desert Trooper Set, Snowflake Girl Set, and Apocalypse Guardian Set.

The 0.15.5 is also rumored to bring the MP5K sub-machine gun, which uses 9mm bullets and can be equipped with mag, sight, stock, sight, and grip. The game is also getting a new Vikendi-exclusive vehicle named Zima, which is a 4-wheel drive that offers quite a lot of traction in the snowy landscapes while off-roading.

The upcoming update will introduce a new Team Deathmatch Mode map named The Ruins. The map contains Aztec-inspired architecture along with temples and maze-like structures.


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