Back in the days, more than fiction, non-fictional shows were fun to watch and they did wonders on the television. The charm of the reality show is when it is real. The fights were organic but they did not merely revolve around sensationalism. Remember when Himesh Reshammiya gave the ‘Mujhe Tere Ghar Mein Roti Chahiye’ speech on a singing reality show, all of it seemed organic and real. However, with time the charm of reality shows was erased by sensationalism. Today, reality shows only mean fights, bickering behind the back and poor sensationalism. This week, three of the ongoing reality shows, proved us right with their poor gimmicks to grab eyeballs.

So let’s take the case study one by one, commencing with the dance reality show Nach Baliye 9. The dance show has been fizzling from the rating charts every week. Clearly the concept of ex couples did not work out for the showmakers. Furthermore, every week, the showrunners are trying their best churn in more masala in terms of catfights between the contestants or for that matter even between the judges. However, water went over the bridge when the makers, after failing to get masala, started faking it. Every week we get someone or the other pulling up a prank on the show. For instance, in last week’s episode, Prince Narula decided to throw a fit that he is going to quit the dance reality show. He and show judge Ahmed Khan got into a tiff regarding the same, only to reveal that it was a prank. Wait, did we tune in to a dance reality show or a poorly scripted prank show?

Next up is singing reality show Indian Idol 11. The less we talk about this one, the better. This week, show judge Neha Kakar was kissed (without her consent) by a fan of hers. Now we get the adulation and craze of the fan, however, when the person did cross the line on national TV, there was clearly no one to reprimand? And to top that, the makers cut a really sensational promo featuring all the sound effects from the Kahanii Ghar Ghar Ki days. Is this an episode of Sansani?

And then comes the baap of all reality shows, Bigg Boss 13. For yesterday’s episode, the makers showed us a promo of an angry Salman Khan storming out of the set being mad at a contestant. However, 60 minutes of the entire episode with some pills to cure migraine, and we did not find anything even remotely close to what was shown in the trailer. What kind of sorcery is this?

Amidst all this, we need to give a special shout out to Kaun Banega Crorepati and Amitabh Bachchan for keeping the sanctity intact.

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  • ByVinay MR Mishra