In the last episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Sakshi Tanwar became a part of the show for the Karamveer special episode and featured with social activist Shyam Sunder Paliwal who has been working towards changing the thinking of people in the Piplantri village of Rajasthan towards the girl child.

In the episode, Amitabh Bachchan tells Sakshi that she recently became a mother and asks her how does she feel about motherhood. Sakshi says that until last year she has heard her mother say only one thing, “You will understand when you become a mother” but she never understood why her mother felt distressed when she doesn’t eat or sleep.

She says that now that she has become a mother, she feels the same way and can understand how it feels. She says that motherhood comes with joyful experiences and a lot of other emotions.

She continues saying that earlier she was a daughter now she is experiencing motherhood and she has newfound respect towards all the mothers and especially her mother. She says that it is because of her good deeds her daughter, Dityaa came into her life. She adds that her daughter has given a new meaning to her life.

Big B replies saying that the name Dityaa is very beautiful and asks her the meaning of the name. Sakshi says that it means the answer to prayers. She says that Dityaa is the answer to all her prayers.

Sakshi in October 2018 embraced motherhood by adopting a nine-month-old baby girl and named her as Dityaa.


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