It seems Sidharth Shukla’s recent fight with Mahira Sharma didn’t go down with the viewers of Bigg Boss 13. In fact, former contestants Karanvir Bohra and Kishwer Merchantt took to their Twitter account and slammed Sidharth for ridiculing Mahira.

In last night’s episode, Sidharth and Mahira got into a fight during the ‘BB fisheries’ task. He then told her how her shoes look better than her face. It didn’t stop there. When Mahira began to sing, he yet again commented that her voice was better than her face.

This made Karanvir Bohra upset. He called Sidharth ‘ill-mannered’ in his post. He tweeted, “I’m surprised at the way @sidharth_shukla is speaking to the girls in the house, a lil ill-mannered I must say. #notcool #BiggBoss13.”

Even Kishwer Merchantt pointed out how no one said anything to Sidharth for it.

She wrote, “I am watching bigboss .. I feel sana needs a new topic to stay inside!! Siddharth ne Mahira Ko jo bola no one said anything to him.. will he get bashed by Salman tomorrow? Asim and abuji don’t exist…Paras ne kya socha and kya hua

Well, for now Sidharth is safe from the nominations. But it remains to be seen if he is reprimanded for his act by Salman, who hosts the Weekend Ka Vaar.

There’ll also be double eviction in tonight’s episode and it is going to be nail-biting to see who will be ousted from the house. Keep watching this for more updates on Bigg Boss 13.


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