Honor, like its parent company, Huawei, is also at IFA 2019 and they have made a couple of announcements of their own. The Honor 20 Pro gets a new color variant, the Honor Band 5 becomes available in more markets, and there is a new app called PocketVision that uses AI and the cameras on the Honor 20 series to help the visually impaired.


Honor 20 Pro Icelandic Frost

The Honor 20 Pro will be available in a new color variant called Icelandic Frost. This is the same color called variant that launched in China in July but known as Icelandic Illusion.

The new color variant is inspired by Iceland’s Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and Honor claims it is the world’s first Dynamic Holographic Design. There is no info on availability yet.

Honor also announced that Magic UI 3 will be available next month for beta testers.



Honor has partnered with a company called Eyecoming to develop an app for those who are visually impaired. The app which is called PocketVision works exclusively with the Honor 20 Pro. It uses AI and the phone’s quad rear cameras to work and does so in three modes.

There is a Text-to-Speech mode which uses Honor HiAI and optical character recognition technology popularly called OCR to convert pictures to text faster and more accurately which is then read out loud.

There is also a Zoom-in mode which uses a combination of the phone’s 48MP primary rear camera and 8MP telephoto lens. Users will be able to zoom in closer to texts using the volume buttons. The text is then made larger, sharper, and more legible.

Negative Image mode helps those who can’t see certain colors. It uses color filters and improved contrast to make printed text clearer and more legible for people who suffer from color vision deficiency.

Honor Band 5

The Honor Band 5 already launched in China and India. Honor says shipment has grown by 387% YoY compared to the Honor Band 4. Now it will be available in France, Italy, Spain, the UK (via O2, Argos, and Asda), and other markets for €29.99.

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