NEW DELHI: The Parliament session starting on Monday is set to be stormy as the ruling BJP looks eager to reinforce the post-election authority it demonstrated in the first session of the new Lok Sabha, while the opposition appears desperate to claw back by raising “pro-people” issues to project the government as floundering.
Not only did the Modi government manage passage of its priority bills on triple talaq and on increasing the powers of NIA, it stung the opposition by ensuring majority in the Rajya Sabha. This has emerged as a major chink in the opposition’s armour, which successfully challenged the first Modi regime on the basis of its numerical superiority.
The opposition has, however, in recent weeks landed a few controversial issues which it believes can generate heat. The Congress-led bloc would seek debates on ‘economic slowdown’, ‘unemployment’ and ‘junking of inconvenient data’. Besides, ‘normalcy’ in J&K is another controversial subject .
A clash over Citizenship Amendment Bill, which the government is determined to introduce, could result in serious fireworks as the bill evokes strong emotions in the north-east region. Congress has announced its decision to oppose the bill.
The opposition’s ability to make itself count in Lok Sabha, where the ruling combine has an overwhelming majority, would be keenly watched. But of keener interest would be the battle in Rajya Sabha where the big issue is if Congress can keep its flock together in Rajya Sabha.
However, the difference between the budget and the winter session could be the political atmospherics. While in the first session, the opposition was down in the dumps in the wake of its decimation in the Lok Sabha polls, it now comes to Parliament with optimism.
Not only did Congress manage to give a tough fight to BJP in Haryana, the opposition may even succeed in thwarting a BJP government in Maharashtra.


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