National Health Profile 2019:  Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan released the 14th edition of the National Health Profile 2019 on October 30, 2019. The Health Minister also released the digital version of the book. 

The National Health Profile is prepared by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI). It provides a comprehensive framework on the socio-economic health status and the status of demographic, health finance, health infrastructure and health of human resources in the country. 

The National Health Profile was first published in 2005. Ever since, the profile has been released every year and this year, is its 14th edition. 

National Health Profile 2019: Everything you need to know

The National Health Profile helps the government navigate health needs and issues of the population and devise area-specific program strategies. Good-quality data can enable policymakers to make evidence-based policies and aid the effective implementation of various schemes.

The e-book of the National Health Profile 2019 is a step towards realizing PM Modi’s vision of Digital India. According to the Health Minister, the NHP data should be highly disseminated so that it reaches more people who are looking to develop health interventions or programmes and digital documents enable wider dissemination of information.

The National Health Profile – 2019 highlights important health information under major indicators such as demographic indicators, socio-economic indicators and health status indicators. 

However, the data is not only important to understand the health indicators in the nation but also to monitor the situation. The NHP 2019 indicates significant progress in various health outcomes in the country. 


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