A tweet by Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on the poor quality of potable water in national capital Delhi and subsequent reaction of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal trended on Twitter on Monday.

On November 17, the Union Minister tweeted from his Twitter handle @drharshvardhan while tagging @ArvindKejriwal: “In the name of free water, you are making Delhi residents drink poison. A survey in 20 cities in the country found the Delhi water to be most poisonous”.

Vardhan also flayed the Aam Aadmi Party: “Making tall claims on development, the Aam Aadmi Party has failed to provide clean water to the people”.

In reply, Kejriwal tweeted: “Sir, you are a doctor. You know this report is false. It is influenced by politics. People like you should not become a part of the dirty politics”.

Reacting to Kejriwal’s tweet, North-East Delhi MP and BJP leader Manoj Tiwari tweeted from his handle @ManojTiwari: “@ArvindKejriwal ji, you are telling lies to the media. You can’t escape responsibility by speaking lies to all. You have been exposed. You have ensured only dirty water in the last five years… #DilliKaPaniZehrila”.

BJP leader Shazia Ilmi, who was earlier with the AAP, in reply to Kejriwal’s tweet said: “When you have been exposed, the report is untrue. AAP is adept in speaking lies and induling in dirty politics.”

“Delhi needs clean water and clean politics. Till when will you force Delhi people to drink dirty water and make them sick?”, she added.

Reacting to the trends, citizens of Delhi shared the water supplied by the Delhi Jal Board on the Twitter with hastag #DilliKaPaniZehrila.

The AAP on November 17 claimed the Delhi Jal Board had refuted the Centre’s report that tap water was unfit for drinking.


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