Singer Guru Randhawa received four stitches on his forehead after being attacked by a man in Vancouver, Canada on Sunday. The singer’s spokesperson said in a statement that fracas took place after he told off a man who was coming on stage repeatedly.

Randhawa was attacked by an unidentified man in Vancouver, Canada, after he finished his concert. The performer was exiting Queen Elizabeth Theatre when the man hit him from behind.


Randhawa’s representative wrote on the singer’s social media handle, “Guru is back in India with four stitches on his right eyebrow and mega successful USA/Canada tour. The incident happened on 28th July in Vancouver when Guru told one punjabi man not to come on stage while he was performing for the audience. That man was trying to come on stage again and again and then he started fighting with everyone backstage. He was known to the local promoter Surinder Sanghera who sent him away during the show. But at the end when Guru finished the show and was leaving the stage, that punjabi man came and hit him hard on his face with a punch , because of which Guru started bleeding on the spot from his forehead above eyebrow and went back to stage and showed it to the audience.”

The rep said that the man was with few others. “That man was with few others and whosoever tried to stopped them, they were punching them and then they all ran away. Guru is home now feeling safe in India. And Guru Said , his Guru Nanak Dev ji has saved him and prayed to Waheguru to give that man a good sense of understanding what to do and what not to. Your love and support is all we need always.”

First Published:
Jul 30, 2019 18:33 IST


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