Google’s slow march toward every app having a dark theme continues. The company published a blog post today to celebrate 100 million users of the Files by Google app. It was built for areas like India, but Google says people are using it everywhere. 8GB of storage is freed up every second. Google also used the announcement to reveal two new features: a new dark theme and an integrated media player.

files dark theme

The Files dark theme is basically the same as every other Google app we’ve seen. The top and bottom bar are dark grey, while sections of the content are pure OLED black. The text is inverted to white and the accent colors stay the same. Google says the new theme can “preserve your battery and reduce eye strain.” This will, of course, work with Android Q’s upcoming system-wide dark mode.

Next up is an integrated player with controls for your media files. The player can be used to listen to music and watch videos offline. Instead of opening a video or audio file in a separate app, you can now do it right inside the Files app. Google is rolling out both of these features over the next few days. Do you use Files by Google?

Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone
Files by Google: Clean up space on your phone

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