SSR and Saif apparently have told makers that they won’t be okay with their films being released only on digital platforms, after being shot completely

In the last one year, the entire ball game when it comes to filmmaking has changed. With the digital renaissance setting in, the web has become an important avenue for directors and producers. But while many A-list heroes have jumped on to the bandwagon, there are still a lot of actors who aren’t comfortable with the platform. Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput starrer Drive was released on an OTT platform. When the Tarun Mansukhani directorial was announced, it was being planned as a theatrical release.

But now that the film is out, everyone has realised why the makers decided to push it for a digital only release. That hasn’t gone down too well with Sushant. A source tells us, “SSR was upset with the numerous delays in the release date of the project. By the end of it, he was clueless and he eventually lost interest completely. In fact, he didn’t even put out or share any of the promos or trailer.”

We hear that actors like Sushant and Saif Ali Khan have decided to include a special clause in their film contracts now. “Both of them have now added a contractual pointer that they aren’t comfortable with a film, that’s made for theatres, being released online. If there’s remotely a plan to do something on the web, they want it all mentioned beforehand, which is also fair. Saif, too, faced a lot of back and forth on his last release Lal Kaptaan and although it eventually released in plexes, he was disappointed with the way it all panned out.” Now, it needs to be seen if the makers will be okay with Sushant and Saif’s demands. 


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