The winners of this year’s 2019 Emmys used the stage to make their concerns about a variety of issues heard. Read on to know more.

The winners of this year’s 2019 Emmys used the stage to make their concerns about a variety of issues heard. Michelle Williams who won the award for Lead Actress in a limited series/movie thanked her show’s network for believing in equal pay. In her speech, Williams said, “I see this as an acknowledgement of what is possible when a woman is trusted and feels safe enough to voice her needs and respected enough to be heard … my bosses never presumed to know better than I did about what I needed in order to do my job and honor Gwen Verdon.”

She added, “Thank you so much to FX and Fox 21 studios for supporting me and paying me equally, because they understood that when you put value into a person, it empowers that person to get in touch with their own inherent value. Where do they put that value? They put it into their work.” She further went on to voice her concern about the inequality in pay and called for fare wage payment.

“The next time a woman — and especially a woman of color, because she stands to make 52 cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterparts — tells you what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her, believe her, because one day she might stand in front of you and say thank you for allowing her to succeed because of her workplace environment and not in spite of it.”

Apart from Michelle, actress Patricia Arquette who won Supporting actress in Limited series/movie spoke about trans rights. The 51-year-old star remembered her late sister, Alexis Arquette, while advocating for trans rights. “In my heart I’m so sad I lost my sister Alexis and that trans people are still being persecuted. I’m in mourning everyday of my life Alexis and I will be the rest of my life for you until we change the world so that trans people are not persecuted,” Patricia said. 

She added, “And give them jobs. They are human beings, let’s give them jobs. Let’s get rid of this bias that we have everywhere.”

The Emmys 2019 was a glamorous evening with the biggest names from the TV industry present.   


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