A shocking news has emerged that ‘Bigg Boss 3’ contestant Mugen in a fit of rage has allegedly beaten up Vanitha Vijayakumar in the sets which has created a commotion in the surrounding areas as the news spread like wildfire.  Vanitha after being evicted as the second contestant reentered the house last week and immediately started instigating fights between the others.

Vanitha’s main target was Abhirami to whom she went all guns blazing asking her not to go behind Mugen and make him a hero while she herself is becoming a zero.  Mugen has already proved his short temper and rage by breaking things up and had apparently lost control when an argument rose between him and the senior actress.

The sources say add that Mugen could be terminated just like Saravanan as violence is not acceptable in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.  We have to wait and watch if this unsavoury sequence will be telecast or hidden from the public and what action the organizers will take.


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