Actor Amitabh Bachchan often shares throwback pictures and videos of his family. Thursday was no different as he shared an old letter, written by son Abhishek, when the latter was just a boy. Needless to say, Amitabh’s fans loved it for its warmth.

Sharing it, Amitabh wrote: “Abhishek in his glory .. a letter to me when I was away on a long outdoor schedule .. Pooth sapooth toh kyun dhan sanchaye, pooth kapooth toh kyun dhan sanchaye (If your son is a man of character, why does one need to save money for him as he is competent enough to earn more, if your son is lacking in character, then also, why should one save as he will use it in wrong ways).


In the letter, young Abhishek assures his father that the latter should not worry, as he will take care of his mother, his sister Shweta and their house. Addressing his father as ‘Darling Papa’, Abhishek writes how he is “praying for your smile” and how God is “hearing our prayers”. He also adds towards the end “I am naughty sometimes” in beautiful cursive handwriting.

Clearly, many on Twitter were touched by the gesture: One user wrote “A very affectionate letter from a Child to his father..” while another wrote, “Will take care of mamma, Shweta didi and the house…. rulaoge kya @juniorbachchan?” Another user said, “Fabulous cursive writing”.

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Sometime in June, Amitabh had shared a black and white baby picture of his daughter Shweta in a swim suit with him helping her undress and another one with Shweta from recent times. Sharing it, he had written: “Eik dinn aisi thi, aur pataa hi nahin chala kab… aisi ho gayi (there was once a time when she was like this and then suddenly she grew up, I don’t know when…). An embarrassed Shweta, mother to two grown-up kids, had reacted to her dad’s post with alarm.

Amitabh, who remains busy with film assignments, had recently taken ill and been in hospital. Scheduled to attend the Kolkata International Film Festival, he had to pull out and was in a makeshift hospital bed at his home. Around Diwali too, Amitabh was admitted to a Mumbai hospital for a regular checkup.

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