Fires raged throughout the Brazilian Amazon this summer is not ‘normal’ and a big rise in deforestation could explain why, the scientists indicate.
the perceived scale of Amazon fires received global attention this summer. However, international concerns raised at the time countered by the Brazilian Government, which claimed the fire situation in August was ‘normal’ and ‘below the historical average’.
An international team of scientists writing in the journal Global Change Biology, said the number of active fires in August is actually three times higher than in 2018 and the highest number since 2010.
Although the fires in the Amazon can occur in several ways, the scientists showed that there is strong evidence to link this year increased deforestation.
They have been using evidence gathered from the Brazilian Government b-blocking systemwhich calculate deforestation deforestation detection by interpreting images taken by NASA satellites.
This shows that deforestation in July of this year is almost four times the average of the same period in the previous three years. This is important because deforestation is almost always followed by firethe cut vegetation left to dry before burning.
Professor Jos Barlow, lead author of the paper said: “The marked progress on both counts active fire and deforestation since 2019 denied the suggestion by the Government of Brazil in August 2019 is a month of normal fire in the Amazon.”
fire in August occurred at a time without a strong drought. Drought may provide favorable conditions for the spread of man-made fires. The scientists also showed that the ‘big’ smoke plumes that reach high into the atmosphere, which was captured by the recording media of the fire, could only be caused by the burning of large quantities of biomass.
The researchers acknowledged that the number of active fires decreased in September by 35 percent. Although they say it is unclear whether it falls as rain or President Bolsonaro two-month moratorium on the fire.
Image of Deter-b shows that deforestation continues at levels well above the average in September, despite moratoria President.
Drone footage of land have recently been deforested in the Amazon. Credit: Marizilda Cruppe / Rede Amazônia Sustentável
The extent of fire August is not clear. Although the number of fires is calculated, to the extent they do not, the researchers acknowledge in their paper ‘crisis Amazonia burn Clarifying this’.
Dr. Erika Berenguer, a joint Brazilian researchers affiliated with Lancaster University and the University of Oxford, said: “Our paper clearly demonstrates that without tackling deforestation, we will continue to see the world’s largest rain forest were turned into ash We must curb. Deforestation.
“Brazil has in recent decades become an environmental leader, show the world that it can successfully reduce deforestation. It is both economically and environmentally prudent to back this trend.”
Further information:
Jos Barlow et al, Amazonia Clarifying crisis is burning, Global Change Biology (2019). DOI: 10.1111 / gcb.14872
Amazon deforestation and fires the number of summer shows in 2019 is not a ‘normal’ year (2019, November 15)
taken 16 November 2019
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