Ahead of a major facelift for the 2021 model year, Mercedes has been spotted testing a new look for the AMG E53 Coupe. These are the first spyshots of that model which go nicely with the more potent E63 Wagon we had just hours ago.
Aside from a shot in Justice League where Wonder Woman drove one, the E-Class coupe hasn’t done anything exciting in its whole life. It’s stuck between the crazy, exciting C63 and the super-luxurious S63 Coupe.

Mercedes used to put a V8 engine in everything from the tiny SLK roadster to the R-Class minivan. But for some reason, the E-Class Coupe never received the big AMG engine treatment. Before this generation came out, it looked like it was going to happen, but we actually got six-cylinder models instead.

The E53 Coupe came out last year with just 435 horsepower. It’s the same powertrain as the CLS 53 which is based on the same platform. This over-complicated inline-6 turbo unit is helped by a so-called EQ Boost system, basically a small electric motor and a battery pack. Before that, you could get the E43 which was lighter and less powerful, but only as a sedan.

For the 2021 model year, the powertrain should stay roughly the same, though it’s possible the output will grow to around 450 horsepower, allowing the E53 to compete with the Audi RS5 Sportback and the upcoming BMW M440i. But we adamantly believe that Mercedes is making too many coupes, especially considering it’s starting to lose money. So what if there’s no perfect car for retired lawyers from Florida? Lexus has them covered.

Superficial changes can be spotted on this prototype as well. At the front, you’ve got CLS-like headlights and a fresh grille+bumper combo. Meanwhile, the rear sports some fresh taillights and familiar exhaust setup. The MBUX infotainment being borrowed from the GLE family should round up the list of major changes.


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